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Seawise International Services Ltd is a software development company creating software applications for containerised terminals, ports, ships, barges, boats and planning offices across the globe.
Our primary product is Masterplan™ and much of our time is devoted to supporting its worldwide user base and development so that its value as a powerful and effective solution remains as high in today's market as it was when it was first introduced over 24 years ago.

At Seawise ISL we believe in standards and connectivity. We know that your company needs to communicate as efficiently as possible with its partners, so our software uses industry standard messaging to ensure its compatability with the broadest range of maritime business IT solutions.
Of course standards can't cover everything and when they don't, we can meet with you, assess your needs, and create a bespoke extension to Masterplan to solve your particular problem or integrate with your in-house IT systems.

UNNO hazardous Safety and management of hazardous cargo has become of critical importance in the marine shipping industry. Port authorities, terminals, stevedores, captains and planners need the best possible information they can get on the dangers, handling and segregation requirements of dangerous materials. Masterplan uses industry standard IMDG database for the core of its dangerous goods subsystem. It can warn your staff of improperly packed containers, dangerous combinations, poor segregation and advise on stowage requirements for every hazardous UNNO and combination thereof in the IMDG manual.

Latest News

  • October 2012:
    New Seawise International Services Ltd website launched to coincide with the completion of the Short sea planning system.

  • July 2012:
    Short sea planning system nearly complete. This has been an enormous project to incorporate a lot of changes to the way the Masterplan™ system works for the Short Sea and Terminal trade.