About Seawise International Services Ltd

Seawise International Services Masterplan

Seawise International Services Ltd was established in 1988 by Capt J Chris Wise to provide the commercial development and distribution of Masterplan, a container operations management application for the shipping industry.

In 1994 the company expanded and relocated to the beautiful city of York where it continues to develop the Masterplan System as well as providing additional services to the industry

Seawise ISL has been continuously developing Masterplan™ since 1988, from the original MS-DOS based system to the current dotNet implementation. Masterplan has continually responded to, and often led, the requirements of the shipping and IT industry.

Seawise ISL continues to develop and enhance the Masterplan™ system according the needs of our Clients. The range of features Masterplan™ offers is immense and includes integration with existing terminal systems, Ship model building and, of course, the full range of vessel & terminal operational planning and reporting options as well as the checking and verifying of Hazardous Cargo stowage and segregation.

Seawise ISL is proud to offer the modern Masterplan™ Terminal & Container Vessel Planning System and is very much looking forward to its continued future development.