The Masterplan™ System

Masterplan™ is a Container Vessel Operations Management System used for deep-sea and short-sea vessel planning and terminal operations.

Masterplan™ can be a standalone planning solution or, perhaps more usefully, it can be plugged-into your existing databases and systems.
There are various levels of installation from standalone systems to networked multi user systems. It can be integrated with third party software or delivered over an intranet using products such as Citrix facilitating out of office planning and monitoring.

Masterplan™ has a proven track record in the industry. It was first used commercially in 1982 and has developed over the years, embracing new technology and business requirements along the way. Today it is in use by businesses worldwide, for many of whom it is a fundamental tool in their success. Read the Case Study

Why should we use it?
You don't need us to tell you that having the best business systems in place increases productivity. Masterplan™ 16.0 features the fastest and most flexible planning system we have devised to date. It also features support for the IMDG database, supplied by Exis Technologies, to give unprecedented checking and management of hazardous cargo.

The flexibility and speed of operation of Masterplan™ gives you the opportunity to confidently load vessels to a standard that allows the ship's command to accurately check safe limits, dangerous goods stowage and cargo plans before sailing.

UN/EDIFACT - The United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport. Masterplan™ uses these de-facto standards for communication between business partners within the industry such as BAPLIE for bayplans and MOVINS for stowage instructions. Using these messages you can be confident of effective communication between parties within your organization and, perhaps more importantly, with those in external organizations even if they are not using Masterplan™.

Masterplan™ boasts a wealth of reporting tools to provide your organisation with the analytical, operational and management information it needs to maximise its competitivness in the market.

Competitive Pricing
Masterplan™ is competitively priced. We believe that you will not find another product offering such a complete range of functionality anywhere near the prices we offer.

How do I find out more?
If you wish to trial Masterplan™ you can download a demonstration version for free by clicking here or click the Download section on the menu.

If you have further questions, please email

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