Our Services

Software Development
Our software development services are divided into two areas:
* Marine
* Business Information Technology

For many years Seawise International Services Ltd's primary remit has been the development and supply of the Masterplan system.
This department deals with the analysis of planning operations and system requirements for companies who have an interest in container vessel operations and our Masterplan solution. We can provide analysts to visit your site offices to assess current systems and discuss requirements.
Our software development team can create new or additional functionality within Masterplan for companies that require it. We can perform installations of Masterplan at your site with agreed integration into your existing technology.
After installation we can provide on site staff training in the use of your new Masterplan system.

Business Information Technology
We deal with a broad spectrum of IT requirements from businesses of all types.
For local and international business we provide solutions to a whole range of IT requirements and problems. From simple file conversions to bespoke applications and commercial websites, we have the expertise. We undertake contracts that range from an hours work to those that run for many months or longer. All receive the same high level of commitment and service.

Operational and software support is offered for Masterplan covering:
* Telephone and email support.
* Updates and patches as they are released.